Guardianship Of Disabled or Elderly People.

Do you have an elderly or disabled family member who is fairly independent, but vulnerable enough that they may need some supervision?  Are they dependent upon you to pay bills, balance checkbooks, prepare meals, remember medication?  If you have concerns that someone might be likely to spend their life’s savings on a charity, or could hurt themselves because they forget  to turn off the oven, consult with me about a guardianship.

Guardianship is a court-supervised process where a person is appointed by a Judge to oversee either the person (where she lives, how she gets from place to place, etc.) or the person’s estate (finances and property) or both. Guardianship appointments are not handed out like candy. They require medical documentation, statements from witnesses, and an independent Guardian Ad Litem will report to the court what he or she thinks is best for the person.   If you would like to talk about your situation to determine if a guardianship might be appropriate for someone you know, call me.

More information about guardianship is available from the Wisconsin State Law Library.