Real Estate.

There’s an old saying that land is so special because no one is making it anymore. Land ownership can lead to all sorts of legal problems.  Sometimes property lines are not where people think they are. Driveways get installed in the wrong places.  Family members who own a cabin together disagree about paying for a new roof.  Just when you saved up enough money to update your deck, zoning and building permit issues stop you.  You may have a buyer lined up for your home but need one of those “land contract” things.  You’ve heard about Transfer on Death Deeds and want to learn more. I have helped clients with real estate matters since I started practicing law.  I have taken fights about access easements to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.  I have conducted trials over property line and driveway disputes.  I have assisted clients with condominium association conflicts.  If you have an issue related to land contact me to learn about your rights.