You Think You Can’t Afford A Lawyer.

It is a common thought. Legal services are needed by people from all backgrounds and situations. I will work with you to understand your situation and create options for you. My goal is to design the attorney-client relationship so you understand and agree to fees before legal work starts.  My process is pretty simple:

1) I need to understand your problem;

2) I need to provide you with options to solve your problem and make certain you understand the possible outcomes;

3) I need to make certain you understand the value of my work and we agree to the cost.

If I think taking on a legal fight with someone is going to be too expensive for you, I will tell you so.

Most of my legal work is done on a flat fee basis and clients are often given payment plan options so you won’t be surprised by a bill riddled with hourly rates and charges for every phone call, postage stamp, copy of a paper, or e-mail.  I don’t work for free, but I’m always willing to negotiate and explain my fees and charges.   If you have a legal problem, but think a lawyer is out of your price range, give call me and discover what options may be available to you.