You Think You Need A Lawyer.

If you are visiting this site it is likely because you are facing a legal issue or have a legal question. Browse the Practice Areas pages to see if I may be able to help you.  I don’t practice every area of law, but if you are in need of a referral, I am willing to share my advice for how to choose a lawyer and provide you contact information for ones I work with on a regular basis.

Legal problems are scary.  You’d rather not have one and only are here because of a problem.  I understand that even picking up the phone and calling a lawyer can be intimidating.  Is there a charge for that first phone call? Not at my office. Is there a fee for the initial meeting? Not here.  How much will it cost? Let me understand your problem first, present you with options and possible outcomes and then we can talk about money.

For some tips about how to choose an attorney, whether it’s for a divorce or your estate planning, here is a helpful article from –  How To Hire An Attorney.  The article has two pieces of wonderful advice – 1) Know your goals.  Are you looking to jump into a multi-year complicated discrimination lawsuit hoping for a big payout at the end? Or do you just need to update your estate plan?  2) Understand the lawyer’s billing methods.  Is it hourly? Flat fees? Contingent fees? Will you be billed for additional costs such as postage, copies, faxes, long distance phone calls? Will bills be sent to you monthly, quarterly, or at the end of everything?

I urge you to read the article. It also provides great summaries of the different kinds of law firms, suggests questions YOU can ask when interviewing a lawyer, and has a helpful chart for organizing your questions and thoughts.